Highest D1000 Pro HV Servo - 7.4V 0.08Sec, 15.1Kg

D1000 Pro
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Highest D1000 Pro HV Servo - 7.4V 0.08Sec, 15.1Kg.

This is the all new Highest D1000 Pro HV Servo. Designed to improve on the already superb Championship winning D1000, the D1000 Pro now features all steel gears for improved durability and strength as well increased torque. As an added bonus the new Highest Servos now come with an additional oil seal within the gears to better protect from oil and dust.



SPEED 0.11sec/60º at 6.0V

0.08sec/60º at 7.4V

TORQUE 12.40kg.cm at 6.0V

15.10kg.cm at 7.4V

SIZE 39.5 x 20.0 x 38.7mm

WEIGHT 75.3g