KO60230 KO Electrical Switch 3

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KO60230 KO Electrical Switch 3

This is Electrical controled Power switch unit. The CPU remembers the current power state ON/OFF. It prevents the power supply from turning off due to poor contact of the connector by the vibration in the engine car or momentary or voltage drop at overload.


  • Voltage displayed by the 7 segment LED
  • Translucent case
  • Can use for EP & GP car


  • Input voltage: Minimum 5.0V/Maximum 10.0V
  • Instant maximum current: 14.0A
  • Continuous maximum current: 8A
  • Current by self consumption: Maximum 1mA in standby.(when all of 7 segment LED lights maximum 10mA)
  • Dimensions: 39.2x17.5x9.5mm (Excluding protrusions)
  • Cable length(input/Battery): 80mm
  • Cable length(Output/Receiver): 180cm
  • Weight: 10.0g