1/8th Sweep Dirt Tyres

Sweep Racing is a specialised radio controlled car tyre manufacturer located in South Korea. Sweep Racing has a highly equipped facility that allows for most of its manufacturing to take place in house which means the quality is never compromised. Sweep Racings 1/8th Off Road Dirt tyres are used by some of the worlds best drivers and with a wide variety of tread patterns and compounds there is always a Sweep 1/8th Off Road Dirt tyre to suit the track and conditions you are racing on. 

We know that tyres can be the biggest cost in racing but can also make the biggest difference. With the different tread patterns and compounds it can be a minefield picking the best one. We have racers all over the country running Sweep tyres on every U.K track so if you ever need any advice as to what might suit your needs best please just get in touch and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.